February 2012

The best of Web 2.0 sites for teaching


Google in education


Engaging Activities for Reluctant Learners in Literacy Classrooms Presented by: Georgina Pazzi 


Teachers were placed in 5 groups; SUPERSTARS, SHINING LIGHTS, SPARKLERS, BRIGHT BUNNIES and GLOWORMS undertaking 5 activities iPAD, Multimedia, Digital Images, iPod and web 2.0/IWB

Activities in periods of 20 minutes then charging over to new activity with teachers completing e5 connections (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate) for the activities.

Georgina Pazzi provided lots of suggestions, ideas and help on the day.




One of the activities undertaken by teachers  was using answer garden for students being able to response freely with no names.

Thanks for the great training day


What are the characteristics of a reluctant learner?  http://answergarden.ch/view/23395





















10 of the best apps for education
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Ten great sites with free teacher resources
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Ten skills every student should learn
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Ten common myths about teaching
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Ten ways schools are using social media effectively
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Creative Thinking: Your Edge

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Skype effectively in the classroom



A complete guide to web, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus privacy and security! http://theedublogger.com/2011/07/14/how-to-check-your-web-footprint/

One Network.
Millions of Educators.
Endless Possibilities.


Monday 27th February 2012

Ian Hall

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